Writing Service Details

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific writing services do you offer?

Article & Blog Writing: Content Writing and or Ghost Writing.

I’m continually looking to expand my skill set and widen my experience, so I’m open to other ways to work with clients.

Is this all you will ever offer?

I am currently working through coursework from the Blackford Centre for Copywriting, and upon completion of my study materials, will begin to offer copywriting services as well.

What kind of experience do you have?

My main experience is in producing blog articles containing 500-1500 words with light research, and outbound links for websites.

With a basic knowledge and understanding of SEO best practices, and a growing appetite for landing long term assignments with ongoing work, I am dedicated to exceeding client expectations.

Do you have a portfolio?

Yes! Shoot me an email with a few details about why you are looking for a freelancer and I will be happy to send you examples of past projects.

How do I hire you?

If interested in hiring me for any writing assignment or contract, please email me at zoey.c.beale@gmail.com to inquire about my current availability, as my workload and availability are always fluctuating 🙂