Hi, friend! I’m Zoey, and I can’t find a way to get through my life without jotting it down.

My life is just ‘too’:

too funny,

too magical,

too spontaneous,

too coincidental,

Really, its just too much material to choose not to document.

Becoming a mother has changed me in so many ways. Sentimental by nature, I find comfort in recording the stories and insights that occur to me on this journey.

I value mindfulness, connections, personal development, self-love, and promoting things that matter.

Fascinated with the blogging industry since 2016, I am a professional self-taught freelancer- who seeks to be involved with companies that embrace the same values that I hold.

If your company or blog’s mission aligns with mine, reach out to me at zoey.c.beale@gmail.com and let me know how we can work together!