Failing Motherhood

I wrote this about a year ago, and decided to share on here as well.

For any mom’s currently feeling even the slightest bit inadequate, I have some confessions for ya!

Today I caught my 7 month old daughter chewing on a tire pressure gauge, (that had somehow gotten into our living room toybox).

Similarly, a few days ago, my 4 year old son found a chicken tender in the back seat of my car- and shoved it in his mouth before I could wrestle it away.

Last week, he forced me to chase him around the porn section of family video.

Today we had spaghetti for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner. (And I only washed the dishes AS I needed them.

And to top it off, despite my RELENTLESS efforts to teach my daughter to say ‘mama’, today she FINALLY said her first word…


Most days I feel a day late and a dolla short in the parenting department.
The next time YOU find yourself relating, please remember this is what it’s all about. And you are not alone.


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