I am a Dreamer & I Will Not Apologize

I am a dreamer, and I always have been.

I have always been drawn to those who keep an evolving vision to match their continually -expanding hope for success. Those who keep their dream safe and protected from negative thoughts that could potentially taint it. The ones who work hard to acquire the specialized knowledge & to develop the talents to see that dream manifested. They know not to even acknowledge the fleeting setbacks that keep coming full force. They learn to love failure, because it’s known that with every seed of adversity brings with it, an even greater seed for success. These people spread love and encouragement everywhere they go, and are capable of cultivating genuine happiness for other dreamers working toward their own vision. These are MY people.

What’s difficult for me is connecting with your average pessimist.


Only seeing the daily struggle, and therefore only FEELING the daily struggle. These people lack the creative capacity to even imagine their life as any different than it always has been. They often poke fun at the dreamers for thinking they can be successful, and may not even know what failure is like, because they’ve never taken the risk of appearing foolish for trying. They hold back praise for others’ accomplishments, because for some in-explainable reason it’s a let down to see someone else happy and successful.

While we can’t avoid these people I do think it’s important to learn how to co-exist while protecting that fire within ourselves. I’m a huge believer in the idea that if I take care of my mind, my attitude, and watch the way that I talk to myself- then everything always finds a way to work itself out.


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