Top 5 Personal Reasons to Practice Yoga


There’s no doubt that I’m at the bottom level of the ‘knowledge of yoga’ totem pole. I mean I have only ever been to a total of maybe 3 to 5 classes, and like most beginners- I always pick a spot all the way in the back, so that when my body fails to bend the way the instructor tells it to, fewer people will be there to witness my crumpled ass on the floor.

Most of my perspective on yoga comes from an 80’s video tape of my mom’s that I did a couple times in high school.  The instructor sounded like Rafiki from the Lion King, which is apparently very soothing because both times I completed the tape- I ended up asleep on the floor.

Keeping a consistent and steady fitness routine is hard. I need a style that comes with flexibility, costs me little to nothing, and helps me become a present person. Mindful, decisive, and purposeful. There is always so much extra information rolling around in my brain, and it makes me feel unfocused on my priorities and overly anxious.

All signs point to yoga.

Which brings me to the whole point of this post. Read below my 5 personal reasons of practicing yoga, and please if you can add more reasons to my list in the comments, definitely do so! (I’m trying to stay motivated here, help a gal out!)

  • I can practice yoga anywhere & need minimal equipment. This is great for moms who can only focus on themselves when the kids are sleeping, or for someone who isn’t too keen on spending a lot of money on a gym membership or equipment.

  • It’s timeless.  Yoga has been around for many years, and will be around for many more. There’s GOT to be a really great explanation for that.

  • ANYBODY CAN DO IT.  Old, young, tall, short, lots of muscle, lil bit of muscle, boobies, no boobies…you get the idea. There’s a modification for almost every pose so anyone at any level can start somewhere.

  • YOGA PANTS. Need I say more? I think not.

  • I’m hoping it will help me yell at my kids less.  Yoga connects you to your breath, which gives you more endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  Happy mama’s just don’t yell at their kids.  RIGHT?! (That was a legally blonde reference btw.)

All jokes aside, I have been on this search for a deeper mind/body connection for what I feel like has been years and because of the reasons I listed above, I will continue to grow in the practice of yoga -crumpled in shame on the floor or not. After this last year’s events , my life is finally routine enough to dive into something that challenges me.

What are your experiences with yoga practice? Have you ever been in the habit of practice for longer than a month? If so, what kept you motivated to be consistent? Please comment below and share with me!

Also please comment as many reasons as you can think of to practice yoga. Personal, scientifically, educational, whatever!! My initial list is only intended to get the ball rolling on all the awesome reasons to practice yoga that I know are out there.


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