“What’s That?”

“What’s That?”


Have you ever read the article swirling around social media called “Dear Dad’s: Take the picture” ?

It’s a message to all father’s encouraging them to snap candid photos of their wives/girlfriends with their children.

My husband is actually pretty great at doing this sometimes, and I love him for it.

One day recently I caught him snapping photos from across the room of me and my one-year-old reading a book.  Of course I hated the way that I looked in it, and immediately became aware of everything about the picture that probably made me look ugly.

But it didn’t matter.  Those pictures were for me. And for my daughter when she’s older.

Anyway, the baby had been on this “what’s that” kick: pointing at everything in all of the pictures asking

“what’s that? what’s THAT? WHAT’S THAT?”

My husband started walking towards us to get a better close-up. Because you know, we were so cute.

The baby smacks the book again and says

“What’s that?”

And before I could answer her, Joseph interrupted this candid moment to scream

“Zoey, what is that?!” and pointed to my daughters shoe.

“What’s that?!” the baby mimicked.

I followed his finger to her sparkly pink little shoe and instantly I knew what ‘that’ was and yet still I replied with,

“I don’t know, what IS IT?! WHAT ISSSS ITTTTT?!”

Shit.  It was dog shit that she trampled through from outside.


Dear Dad’s: definitely absolutely positively always take the photo.  Every moment is a memory ready to be captured and treasured, or laughed about.



Want to Change your Perspective? Start Keeping a Journal

Want to Change your Perspective? Start Keeping a Journal

It always surprises me how many people are put off by the idea of keeping a journal.  

Maybe it’s because the word ‘diary’ comes to mind, and unless you’re a 12 year old tween, then I’m guessing you don’t fancy carrying around the stigma of having a ‘diary’.

Or it might even be because you just ‘know’ you wouldn’t keep up with it. Maybe you have even tried it before! But…eventually life shifts- and you find yourself no longer in the habit nor with a desire to attempt again. 

Personally, I’ve been expressing myself in the form of written word since the 90’s. The number of journals I have filled up makes me feel proud to have stuck with the habit for so long.  Not only do I have so many crazy parts of my life documented, I can literally SEE when my change in attitude changed my circumstances.  

If you would like to change your outlook on life, it helps to know what your current state of mind is. In furiously filling up all of those pages, I was able to get to know myself. 

Journals are also incredible goal trackers.  They’re great for blowing off steam without hurting anyone’s feelings. Also- they will allow you to remember some of the most trivial things about your own life that you never would have otherwise thought twice about.

Weather its a bullet journal, gratitude journal, or regular notebook that you jot your odd little thoughts in…..by giving yourself a safe space to express true feelings, you are permitted a front row show debuting everything you are allowing to travel through your mind. Once you get to this part, then you can start working on developing the ugly parts about yourself that you so desperately want to grow.

What are your experiences with journals? Is there anyone out there like me who can’t go a day without writing?  Anyone wanting to start, but is doubting their ability to stick with it? If that’s you, my advice is to simply SINCERELY TRY. You owe it to yourself to be in control of your own thoughts, perspective, and ultimately every damn detail of your life.



6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Blog- Content Marketing Strategy

6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Blog- Content Marketing Strategy

Does your small business desire to branch out in its content marketing efforts? Has your website seen a plateau in traffic?  Many small businesses eventually come to the conclusion that adding a blog to their business usually brings nothing but good things.  If you find yourself wondering ‘why?’ read the following points to become enlightened!


  1. Blog articles bring traffic to your website.

  2. They help your customers get to know your company better. (Provides a better connection.)

  3. They provide practical and up to date tips for your target customers (which builds trust in your brand.)

  4. The more content a website generates, the more searchable it becomes.

  5. Blogs aid in building industry authority.

  6. Regular blogging helps increase engagement as well as helps circulate great reviews.