“What’s That?”


Have you ever read the article swirling around social media called “Dear Dad’s: Take the picture” ?

It’s a message to all father’s encouraging them to snap candid photos of their wives/girlfriends with their children.

My husband is actually pretty great at doing this sometimes, and I love him for it.

One day recently I caught him snapping photos from across the room of me and my one-year-old reading a book.  Of course I hated the way that I looked in it, and immediately became aware of everything about the picture that probably made me look ugly.

But it didn’t matter.  Those pictures were for me. And for my daughter when she’s older.

Anyway, the baby had been on this “what’s that” kick: pointing at everything in all of the pictures asking

“what’s that? what’s THAT? WHAT’S THAT?”

My husband started walking towards us to get a better close-up. Because you know, we were so cute.

The baby smacks the book again and says

“What’s that?”

And before I could answer her, Joseph interrupted this candid moment to scream

“Zoey, what is that?!” and pointed to my daughters shoe.

“What’s that?!” the baby mimicked.

I followed his finger to her sparkly pink little shoe and instantly I knew what ‘that’ was and yet still I replied with,

“I don’t know, what IS IT?! WHAT ISSSS ITTTTT?!”

Shit.  It was dog shit that she trampled through from outside.


Dear Dad’s: definitely absolutely positively always take the photo.  Every moment is a memory ready to be captured and treasured, or laughed about.



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