2019 Goals: Social Media Changes

‘Tis the season for thankfulness, giving, self reflection, and goal setting!

In the year of 2018 I struggled with finding balance between my writing aspirations, and the long list of duties that come with motherhood. In the last 12 months specifically, I have been challenged with almost more than I could bear, if I’m being real honest here.

At the moment however, my confidence in myself professionally is off the charts! I can feel it in my bones. This is my year.

I predict that 2019 is going to be a good one, because of the 3 distinct resolutions I’ve made.

The first- is to fiercely pursue my writing career. Thanks to the colossal heap of crap I have endured this year- I’ve learned a thing or two about myself. One of those things is, I can literally achieve anything I put my heart to.

Armed with good intentions, an eager-to-learn attitude, and a hyper focus on self improvement, how will I move anywhere BUT forward??

My second goal is to read 2-4 books a month- and write up book reviews for other people potentially on the fence about adding them to the reading list. (I mostly want to do this to learn about my industry, but also to combat the brain-drain that is social media.)

Which brings me to my third aim of 2019. And that is to stop using my social media in all the ways I’ve used it in the past.

For all the lofty goals I’ve made I need an environment that starves distraction- and feeds creativity. Social media fails miserably at both of these.

As an online writer, I require social media platforms to promote my work. Moving forward however, it will no longer be a major part of my personal life.

Have you noticed my new Facebook page for writing? Be a dear, and check it out! ‘Like” it to show your support if you’re feelin’ wild!

What lessons are you taking away from 2018? Are you too cool for new year resolutions or do you drink the kool aid? Please comment and share with me! And stay posted for those book reviews and more personal content as well.

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