8 Things to Stop Using Facebook For

I know I’m not the only one alarmed at our dependency on smartphones in general. But tweaking specific aspects of our usage could deeply benefit a better version of ourselves in the future. Imagine the difference it would make in your ability to be a present person, if you changed the way you use Facebook in the these 8 ways in particular.

Before I dive into it- let me be the FIRST TO SAY I have and do currently use Facebook in every single one of these ways. It’s something I’m constantly trying to find balance with.

What I’m trying to say here is-no judgement is being passed. I just believe we should ALL make a stronger effort to quit using Facebook in the following ways:

1. A time filler

Waiting in life is a given. In line at the grocery store, in the parking lot waiting for the kids to get out of school, at the bus stop…all day every day we have bits and pieces of time that is 100% ours to do with as we please. As harmless as it seems to whip out our phone during these times, in making these devices our constant go-to we unintentionally breed the addiction.

2. Applause over accomplishment.

Many times I have hurried to announce miniscule progress made on big goals of mine on Facebook. Personal things that made me feel vulnerable. When I received a mass amount of engagement on these posts, I felt almost as proud as I would imagine I’d feel if I had actually already achieved these goals before announcing. Which leads me to understand that by posting a goal I made before achieving it, only gave me the illusion that I had already accomplished something. The incoming flood of dopamine provided me with a false sense of achievement, enabling me to become soft on my goals, and unfortunately never following through.

3. Validation

It’s great when you can find something that enhances your self confidence. I AM LITERALLY ALL FOR IT. This one is only on the list because it’s dangerous when you begin to RELY on this to feel secure in yourself.

4. Stalking your ‘enemies.’

Been there, done that! (which is why I explicitly said I’m not judging you!) But not only is it a waste of your time, it also propagates negative feelings. When you spend time in a state of judgement on another, you are simply fucking up your vibes.

5. Comparison.

There’s that pesky insecurity. The link between social media use and depression is staggering… The more time we spend on there, the more we inevitably compare our lives to others. You ain’t got time for it, and neither do I!

6. Your news source.


7. Your diary.

NO *handclap* ONE *handclap* CARES! *handclap*

8. To vent.

Again. Your account- your decision. All I know is, many times we say/type things in the heat of the moment that we don’t necessarily mean. When we post to Facebook our thoughts are officially out there for the world to see. The more you can refrain from revealing the ugly sides of you the better.

Using Facebook in these ways keeps us unhealthily addicted to our smart pone devices. It was my intention with this article, to magnify the mess we create for ourselves- by highlighting the not-so-healthy reasons behind social media use. Facebook can give us an illusive feeling of connection. I don’t know about you, but for 2019 I’ll be focusing more of a genuine way of keeping in touch.

3 thoughts on “8 Things to Stop Using Facebook For

  1. Thank you Zoey! Very good advice. Stuff we should already know, but don’t. In some cases FB gives people the false sense of being more “popular” then they really are . I won’t mention any names. Lol. Love your site! Anxious to read your next blog. 😎👍


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