Beneficial Misfortune

Beneficial Misfortune
Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

While reading through an article recently, I came across this phrase ‘beneficial misfortune.’

Upon stumbling right up on this string of words, something overcame me- as it often does- and I had to write the phrase down.

Maybe you have experienced, (not unlike many other people) massive amounts of misfortune. Maybe you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels for years, exhausting yourself for nothing. Perhaps you’ve been dealt a shitty hand, and through no fault of your own, you are constantly taking 2 steps forward, and 3 steps back.

That’s real sad man, but guess what? If you have been taking that beating from life all these years, but have failed to turn mistakes into opportunities…

then that is all on you.

I have very little trouble in finding something good that’s come from every bad thing I’ve ever gone through. In the moment, when bad things are happening, of course there have been road blocks and bad days. Ultimately however, I was blessed with the good sense to always be able to see the lesson, or the positive twist.

For this, I feel capable of seeing all misfortune as ‘beneficial misfortune.’ This is something I truly hope to impress upon my children’s minds as they grow up.


Everything to Everyone

Wake up early, before the sun, to quickly dress for the day.

Take the dog out, till he’s done, then hurry in okay?

The lunches need packed and the children need woke, to prepare for daycare and school.

Don’t forget to sign that permission slip, lest your school ager feel like a fool.

Drop them off, and head to work, to trade your time for money.

Only to be called out early again, for your baby’s achey tummy.

Get the groceries, pay the bills, the kitchen needs cleaned before dinner.

Frozen pizza once again, gone are your goals to be thinner.

Homework, bath time, and the laundry- your husband needs clean socks.

Remember to call the doctor tomorrow, the baby is due for shots.

Squeeze in a quick chat with your sister, you’ve been meaning to call her for days.

Now cut it short, GET OFF the phone, the little one yanks on your leg.

Story time then brush their teeth, time to lay them down for bed.

So many things to prepare for tomorrow, before you can lay down YOUR head.

Overwhelm bubbles up inside, in the bathroom you lock the door.

It’s okay momma, let those tears fall….and now let them fall some more…

Time is up- pull it together, the day is almost done.

I see you momma you’re not alone, we’re all everything to everyone.

Why I Don’t Play With My Kid at the Park

Why I Don’t Play With My Kid at the Park

Parks are full of kids learning life lessons. You know the importance of sharing, why we must be kind, the first rule of fight club- all that jazz. Which is why I was recently surprised to learn a lil somethin’ myself!

I learned I should not be playing with my kid at the park.

Allow me to rewind and explain my absurdity.

There’s nothing my kids love more than a brand new-to-them park. Last year when we were staying in Hawaii for a spell, we became regulars at a nearby place. This park was one of the coolest we’d ever seen!

First of all the equipment was enclosed by a fence and on a rubber turf. All the parents sat in the parking lot, and all of the kids romped around in the enclosure. But even more striking than the equipment, was the way all the children played together!

Kids who didn’t even know each other were hopping right into one another’s games. No hesitation, no looking for permission from parents, just purely socializing together.

Then we came to California.

California parks drastically differ from Hawaii parks. Here each and every individual child comes with it’s own adult to ensure careful navigation through all the tunnels, and across all the bridges.

I know- I’m exaggerating but I’m trying to make a point here. Many times, even if the kids do initiate play with each other, each parent of the respective child watches closely, ready to jump in at the first sign of disruption. (Guilty!)

Now do I think that playing at the park a great way to spend quality time with our kids? Yes. 100%. However I ALSO think it’s important to consider the skills our kids are picking up.

When kids play with stranger kids, they are learning all kinds of things! Having the confidence to strike up conversations with others, and being able to make friends with ease is a valuable trait to be able to give to our kids.

If there are other age appropriate children there maybe LET THEM GO ROMP AROUND. Allow your child to experience unfairness and then teach them how to deal with it. Let them get knocked over and then be there to brush them off, and encourage them to go make a new buddy.

In a world where digital communication is becoming alarmingly prevalent- knowing how to communicate effectively with peers will greatly benefit our kids both personally and professionally in the future.