Everything to Everyone

Wake up early, before the sun, to quickly dress for the day.

Take the dog out, till he’s done, then hurry in okay?

The lunches need packed and the children need woke, to prepare for daycare and school.

Don’t forget to sign that permission slip, lest your school ager feel like a fool.

Drop them off, and head to work, to trade your time for money.

Only to be called out early again, for your baby’s achey tummy.

Get the groceries, pay the bills, the kitchen needs cleaned before dinner.

Frozen pizza once again, gone are your goals to be thinner.

Homework, bath time, and the laundry- your husband needs clean socks.

Remember to call the doctor tomorrow, the baby is due for shots.

Squeeze in a quick chat with your sister, you’ve been meaning to call her for days.

Now cut it short, GET OFF the phone, the little one yanks on your leg.

Story time then brush their teeth, time to lay them down for bed.

So many things to prepare for tomorrow, before you can lay down YOUR head.

Overwhelm bubbles up inside, in the bathroom you lock the door.

It’s okay momma, let those tears fall….and now let them fall some more…

Time is up- pull it together, the day is almost done.

I see you momma you’re not alone, we’re all everything to everyone.


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