“We Don’t Marry Strangers”

When you get engaged to be married, prepare yourself for a plethora of unsolicited advice. Especially if you are young.  And extra especially if you elope.  And extra EXTRA especially if you have only known your soon to be spouse a handful of weeks.

“Honey we just don’t marry strangers!”

Well, speak for yourself Aunt Sharon, but I’ve got myself a sexy man in an army uniform willing to give me a shiny ring and whisk me away from this stinky town…so…BYE LOVE YA WISH ME LUCK SEE YOU NEXT CHRISTMAS!

Looking back, I know that my Aunt (and every other single person in my family) had a point. And it would have been wise to take an extra month or twenty to re-evaluate this major life decision, but at 19 years old I knew it all!  Sure he was just a stranger…but he was MY stranger, and my stranger and I were going to make this work.

7 years later here we sit, on opposite ends of the couch while our two kids throw elbows in between us, and the one growing inside of me hops up and down on my bladder.

Has it been easy? HELL no. Have we ever tried to throw in the towel? At least a dozen times. But at the end of the day, we’re just a couple of broken kids who have grown into whole adults with, for, and because of each other. And so here I sit, overwhelmed with gratitude for the family we have together.

My point is, ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT. No matter what it’s telling you. No offense but your intuition is probably smarter than you are. While ‘impulsive’ can be an ugly thing to be called, I have to say, in the end, it has certainly served me well.


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