I’m The Mama

Everybody’s got something to say,

that little chirp-chirp in your ear,

About which way is best to raise our kids,

and so let me make this clear,

I am their mother and you are not,

I will always defend and protect,

“Ohmyword please wipe their face!”

is that judgement I detect?

In my earlier years of motherhood,

I quietly absorbed it all,

Even those with no kids of their own,

Spewed ‘advice’ that made me feel small

If you’re a young mama and deal with this shit,

I have some advice for you,

Let everyone chirp all they want,

no one will love your kids like you do,

Belittling advice = BLAH BLAH BLAH,

Try not to engage in the drama,

But when the push comes to shove and you’ve had enough,

Learn to USE the phrase “FUCK YOU, I’M THE MAMA.”


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