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The New York Time’s bestseller You Are A Badass At Making Money knocked my socks off.

I picked it up in an airport on my way back to Sacramento after a visit home. I have read, and re-read this book over again many times since. She wrote this book for me. Specifically. And she NAILED IT.

At one point in the airport I almost gasped out loud when I read the line: ‘Have you been brave enough to read this book in public, I wonder? With the title in full view?’ because at that very moment- I was a little embarrassed to be reading it and because of that, I had been reading the book folded backward in half, in fear of anyone snickering.

What’s your relationship with money?

Do you love it and hate it? Why is it that we are ashamed of wanting and needing money? It is, after all, a beautiful means of creating a life that you feel fulfilled in living. It allows us to achieve above and beyond our basic needs. Money provides security, and in larger quantities will enable us to even give back the overflow to causes we believe in and support.

In this book, Jen Sincero helps the reader get to the root of underlying fears of becoming rich. She also asks questions that will make you reconsider your relationship with money and then goes a step beyond that in giving tools needed to reconstruct your thinking so that you and money can become friends rather than enemies.

This is an easy read!

Sincero will call you out on your bull shit, and for many of us, that is precisely the kind of swift kick in the arse we need to make the changes necessary to live the life of our dreams. Her witty charm will keep you laughing out loud throughout the entire book, and her ability to relate to the reader is uncanny.

My takeaway…

Without going into details about the amount, I would like to share that after having read this book a handful of times, I opened myself up to a sum of money so big I could have shat myself. I had never seen that kind of amount in my account before. I had a vivid dream about it the night before, and the next day got a call from my husband urging me to look at our bank account.

The exact amount that I dreamed was not in there, but the number was so close that it gave me chills. What’s more, is in the following two weeks, there was another deposit that did in fact EXCEED the amount I dreamed about. I do not lie, and I don’t mean to brag. I am only writing about this to vouch for the paradigm shift I was able to achieve by reading the insight offered from the book.

Whatever spell Jen Sincero put on me, it worked. A spell that exposed deeper feelings about what I deserve and what I am capable of achieving. Maybe you feel on the fence about shelling out the money for this book. Take it from me- you won’t be disappointed and you ought to view that money as an investment.


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