Gender Reveal Mistake: It’s Actually A BOY!- Zoey Beale Motherhood

When you’re expecting your third baby, and you already have a boy and a girl it doesn’t really matter what the gender of the third turns out to be. But what a twist when you spend 4 months believing that it is a particular gender, only to find out a mistake was made!

That’s what happened to us today.

I was told at a very early 14 weeks that we were expecting our second little girl in June. We had gone to an ultrasound place that specifically only does gender reveals and 3D ultrasounds, and they claimed that 14 weeks was definitely far along enough to be able to tell.

Going into that appointment, I felt so strongly they were going to tell me that I was pregnant with a boy! My pregnancy matched up so well with my first son, and my intuition was screaming BOY BOY BOY! So when they said ‘girl,’ I was a little bit taken aback, as was my sister in law who also had powerful feelings it was a boy.

Over the last 4 months, I have not only accepted the fact that we were going to have a girl, but became OVER THE MOON with excitement! My daughter would have a sister close in age just as I did and I was so in love with the name we picked out for her, (her middle name after my mother) Eevie June. My sister in law, however, was never convinced and we all have joked around since about the possibility of a mistake being made.

Currently, at 30 weeks pregnant, I went in for a routine ultrasound this morning for medical reasons and was floored when told the baby is, in fact, a BOY.

Awkwardly giggling through my tears, I yelled: “you are LYING to me!?” Turns out that medical professionals don’t do that. At least not on purpose. She turned the screen for me to see and said: “I am not, those are clearly testicles.” And by golly testicles they WERE.

It’s been hell holding this in from my husband for the entire day while he was at work but now that he knows I can FINALLY share with the rest of the world! IT’S A BOY, IT’S A BOY, IT’S A BOYYYY!!!


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