3 Thoughts All Moms Have on Their Children’s Birthdays- Zoey Beale Motherhood

I understand that ALL kids get older EVERY SINGLE year.

I realize that this won’t stop happening, ever, no matter how much I sometimes wish that it would. And I know that it will never stop blowing my mind.

My firstborn is 6 years old today.

He has been so excited about this day for such a long time, and to be able to wake him up this morning and remind him that THIS IS THE DAY is something I will always appreciate to the fullest, and never take for granted.

The cutest things he’s done so far today are:

  • Ask me the second his eyes fluttered open “Am I six now?”
  • Study his face in the mirror this morning to pinpoint in what ways being 6 differs from being 5.
  • Yell at his friends from the parking lot at school this morning: “I’m SIX today guys! I’m SIX now!”
  • Inquire about getting new clothes, because now that he’s six he may not still fit into everything he already owns.

Days like today remind me just how lucky I am to be a mom. How lucky I am to be THEIR mom. I can’t stop recalling details of his birth, then flash forwarding to him in a cap and gown at his future high school graduation. I can’t stop thinking about how proud I am of him, and how much he’s changed me as a person. I wonder if his baby brother will be like him and what their relationship will be like.

I also am trying to remember what I was like at his age so that I can spot the pieces of myself that he inherited from me. He is sensitive like I was, and worries about other people like I did. His creativity is something I marvel at daily. I will never get tired of hearing his off the wall ideas or watching him draw amazing and beautiful pictures.

The majority of the feelings I go through every year vary on what point of his life he’s currently in, but I noticed that every single time one of my kids gets a year older, I have these 3 recurring thoughts that I bet all moms share:

  1. “I can’t believe I have a ____-year-old.”
  2. This time next year I’ll have a _____-year-old!!!”
  3. “____ years ago today I was pushing a baby out of my vagina.”/ “____ years ago today I was having my belly cut open and my baby pulled out.”

To some people, it seems silly to get so emotional every time a child gets a little older. But the thing is we’re not emotional just because the years are passing, we’re also moved because we’ve made it through a whole nother 12 months of keeping them alive and thriving- and that’s cause for celebration in itself!


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