5 Ways My 3rd Pregnancy Differs From the First 2

I have no idea why I took the pregnancy test. I wasn’t late for my period. We weren’t trying for a third baby. I had no suspicions that I might be pregnant. And yet, something was urging me to pee on that stick, just because. When those two pink lines immediately showed up, I can’t even describe the feelings that flooded through me.

As this pregnancy progresses, it’s come to my attention that everything is completely different this time around.

For starters I keep forgetting how far along I am.

With my first two babies, when asked, I could immediately rattle off exactly how far along I was to the day. With number 3 I’m usually somewhat aware of the week that I’m on (thanks to fellow pregnant friends on facebook whom I share close due dates with), but more often than not, I have to use the first response due date calculater to find out the exact point I’m at according to the day of my last period. Which brings me to my next point…

I still have yet to see a doctor. (But no, I’m not concerned.)

With my first two kiddos I was super anxious for my first doctor visit because I had so many questions. Due to insurance confusion and complications, I have not been able to visit the doctor just yet. We were able to confirm the sex at a special ultrasound place around 14 weeks, but as far as an actual office visit goes, that date is still to be determined. On the bright side! We recently have gotten everything sorted out, and I will be able to confirm an appointment within just a couple weeks.

We still have not decided on a name.

With my first baby, we had the name picked out BEFORE we knew the sex. With my second, we had a name picked out but ended up changing it before she was born. And with this third child, who knows what she will be called. While I think we’ve narrowed it down quite a bit, the title of little miss is still to be determined.

I don’t google every single symptom that I encounter.

During my first pregnancy my google search history was chock full of repeated questions and concerns I had. I had never experienced a pregnancy before and was always anxious for answers to every little symptom I experienced. This time around, I spend far less time on the baby center forums and more time chasing around and hollering at the bigger two.

I’m not rushing this pregnancy.

Of course I know it’s not even possible to ‘rush a pregnancy’ but what I mean is that I find myself savoring the days more than I did with my first because I know for certain this is my last. While I very much look forward to the day I get to hear the beautiful cries of my baby and see her sweet face, I am content exactly where we are- because I know that this will be over all too fast.


“We Don’t Marry Strangers”

When you get engaged to be married, prepare yourself for a plethora of unsolicited advice. Especially if you are young.  And extra especially if you elope.  And extra EXTRA especially if you have only known your soon to be spouse a handful of weeks.

“Honey we just don’t marry strangers!”

Well, speak for yourself Aunt Sharon, but I’ve got myself a sexy man in an army uniform willing to give me a shiny ring and whisk me away from this stinky town…so…BYE LOVE YA WISH ME LUCK SEE YOU NEXT CHRISTMAS!

Looking back, I know that my Aunt (and every other single person in my family) had a point. And it would have been wise to take an extra month or twenty to re-evaluate this major life decision, but at 19 years old I knew it all!  Sure he was just a stranger…but he was MY stranger, and my stranger and I were going to make this work.

7 years later here we sit, on opposite ends of the couch while our two kids throw elbows in between us, and the one growing inside of me hops up and down on my bladder.

Has it been easy? HELL no. Have we ever tried to throw in the towel? At least a dozen times. But at the end of the day, we’re just a couple of broken kids who have grown into whole adults with, for, and because of each other. And so here I sit, overwhelmed with gratitude for the family we have together.

My point is, ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT. No matter what it’s telling you. No offense but your intuition is probably smarter than you are. While ‘impulsive’ can be an ugly thing to be called, I have to say, in the end, it has certainly served me well.

Beneficial Misfortune

Beneficial Misfortune
Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

While reading through an article recently, I came across this phrase ‘beneficial misfortune.’

Upon stumbling right up on this string of words, something overcame me- as it often does- and I had to write the phrase down.

Maybe you have experienced, (not unlike many other people) massive amounts of misfortune. Maybe you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels for years, exhausting yourself for nothing. Perhaps you’ve been dealt a shitty hand, and through no fault of your own, you are constantly taking 2 steps forward, and 3 steps back.

That’s real sad man, but guess what? If you have been taking that beating from life all these years, but have failed to turn mistakes into opportunities…

then that is all on you.

I have very little trouble in finding something good that’s come from every bad thing I’ve ever gone through. In the moment, when bad things are happening, of course there have been road blocks and bad days. Ultimately however, I was blessed with the good sense to always be able to see the lesson, or the positive twist.

For this, I feel capable of seeing all misfortune as ‘beneficial misfortune.’ This is something I truly hope to impress upon my children’s minds as they grow up.