Freelance Writing Service Details

In addition to creating ongoing blog content for my personal website, I also offer freelance writing services.

My main experience is in producing blog articles containing 500-1500 words with light research, and outbound links for websites. With a basic knowledge and understanding of SEO best practices, and a growing appetite for landing long term assignments with ongoing work, I am dedicated to exceeding client expectations.

I’ve also had experience with guest posting, ghost writing, and additionally creative writing short stories- and strive to deliver an exceptional turn around time for each assignment given. I’m constantly looking to expand my skill set and widen my experience so I’m open to other ways to work with clients. I will never hesitate to clarify details in order to give my clients exactly what they are asking and more!

My updated portfolio is currently under construction, but I have plenty of writing samples that are not on my personal site to provide if you would like examples of work I’ve done as a contributor to other websites.

If interested in hiring me for any writing assignment or contract, please email me at to inquire about my current availability, as my workload and availability are always fluctuating 🙂